Saturday, 6 June 2015

When Life gets in the way...

It's official - occasionally I suck at this whole blogging/self-promotion/tweeting side of being an author.

I just checked - the last post I wrote was over a month ago. That's shameful.

Unfortunately, life seems to continually get in the way. Real life, whilst not as exciting as the lives I write about, does tend to take top priority. Weddings to plan, immigration rules to dig through and understand, and a dog and a boyfriend that do occasionally require attention.

But I do want to post an update. Just in case anyone is interested.

A couple of things have happened.

I now have a full and rather beautiful (if I do say so myself) website. 

It's nothing special but I am rather proud of it.

The Forever Queen has now been out for over a month and is selling nicely and so far only had positive reviews.

And more excitingly, despite my original intentions there will be another Pendragon book. Maybe even two! More on that soon!

Until then, have a fabulous weekend. With any luck where ever you are is having better weather than we are!

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