Wednesday, 30 July 2014


I’ve decided that I should add a new title to my list of jobs.
It seems that no matter how many balls I have in the air, I always want to add a few more. And once they’re up in the air it’s almost impossible to set them down again.
The reason this has become an issue? Because I realised this morning that I currently have about 7 balls in the air.
Five of them are novels. One is the day job, and the other is my online presence/blogs etc. And none of them can afford to be dropped.
Oh I know what you’re probably thinking. I don’t need to work on five projects at the same time. The problem is that once I start it’s hard to stop – and I almost never have any control over when and how ideas come to me.
Let me give you a run down:
The Forever Queen – The sequel to The Last Knight that I feel like I’ve been working on forever that just seems to be taking longer than I’d like to get done. Clearly cannot drop this one as it’s the next book I really MUST get out.
Being Alpha – Book two of the West Haven series. Again, sequels are killer because (hopefully) you’ve got people waiting for them, and you don’t want to disappoint.
Blood Calling – West Haven Novella. This one is one of my guilty pleasures. It’s not essential that I write this book – it won’t change the rest of the series, but I love writing Maladict’s POV, and I love losing myself in 1800’s London where most of the book is set. I can’t put it down because it’s too much fun!
Untitled – Sci-fi, post-apocalyptic stand-alone novel. An idea that jumped into my head and wouldn’t let go. I’m not working on this full time – but I keep getting little ideas for it that I have to get down before I lose them.
The Perfect Knight – Pendragon series novella – Lance’s POV – basically, like Maladict’s book, this is one that is a guilty pleasure. I’m loving writing Lance’s back story and his first months in modern day before he meets Cara. It’s fun. And…it’s Lance…
So those are the books I’m working on – but add to that the day job (not too many hours, but still) and my online promotion and marketing and you’ve got a lot of balls and not enough hands or eyes to keep track of them all!
I am starting to understand why a lot of writers have Assistants. So if anyone out there fancies being a writer’s PA let me know. I can’t pay you – except perhaps in virtual cookies and early drafts of my books…
But for now I best get back to juggling.

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