Friday, 13 November 2015

A timely reminder...

So, after a couple of weeks of being glued to my KDP sales report following my promo - religiously checking to see how many sales I've made each day, and whether I've made back the money I spent on the advertising -  I had a very timely reminder of why I do this.

Because sometimes I forget that it isn't about the sales. It isn't about the money.

If I'm honest I'll admit that I will probably never get to the point of being able to write completely full time. Right now on good months I maybe make a part time wage - but only on the good months - and the rest of the time it's just a nice supplement to our family income.

It's easy for me to get caught up in that side of it, and forget why I started doing this.

Today I got that reminder. An email sent through my website. It's not the first time I've connected with people over my books, but there was something about the wording of this one that really touched me. She'd reached out to me, just to let me know how much she loved what I'd written. And it reminded me right then of the reason I do what I do.

I write because I love to entertain people. I write because I love it, and I hope that others can find some joy in it as well.

So I'm all set to have a wonderful weekend. It's certainly starting off on the right foot. I hope you all are too!

Friday, 6 November 2015

It's been too long!

So it is with great shame that I realised today just how long it's been since I posted on this blog. Unfortunately life really did get in the way this time!

The last time I posted on here I was a Miss, and I am now very happily a Mrs, and unfortunately the wedding and our honeymoon ended up taking a lot of my focus.

However, I am back now, and finally settling back into 'writer' mode.

The good news is that I am working on about 4 books right now, and hoping that at least one of them will be ready to publish right around Christmas.

The book in question is Lancelot, a prequel/companion novel to The Last Knight and The Forever Queen. I will confess that a lot of my reasons for writing it are purely selfish ones. I wanted to explore Lance's character further - I couldn't let him go as easily as expected at the end of writing and editing The Forever Queen. Plus, it was just an awful lot of fun!

So, fingers crossed I'll get the final rounds of edits on Lancelot done in the next few weeks, and I will be able to show off the cover not long after! As soon as I have a release date I'll be posting it here on the blog.

Other projects currently under way include a traditional fantasy and (finally) a sequel to Chasing Freedom.

That's all for today - just a quick update. But hopefully it won't be months and months before my next post!

Have a great weekend!