About Me

Well, the official bio says:

Nicola S. Dorrington is a 30 year-old writer from England, currently living in the Cayman Islands, where she procrastinates by staring at the ocean.

THE LAST KNIGHT was her first novel, set in a wet and mythical version of the country she left behind.

CHASING FREEDOM, her second novel shows a slightly different, but still mythical, side to her old home.

She fully expects to one day be a crazy old cat lady - only with dogs.

But I like to think there's more to me than that!

I always swore that I would have my first book published by the time I was 30. At some point during my 29th year I realised that if I was going to achieve that goal then I was going to have to make it happen myself.

Some random facts about me:

I'm a British expat living on a tiny island in the Caribbean. I live right on the beach with a view of the incredible turquoise ocean that reminds me every day how lucky I am.

I've written stories all my life but only decided that writing was the career I wanted to pursue when I was in my early twenties.

I'm an animal lover in general but believe that no one can be lonely if they own a dog.

My first ever novel was a Sci-Fi about aliens invading the earth. it was about 50 pages long and I was incredible proud of it. I read it sometimes now to remind myself how far I've come.

I always have to eat sweets in colour order, dark to light.

I've visited a lot of countries, but one day I want to say I've seen them all.

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