Saturday, 1 June 2013

Another Tasty Teaser...

So I’m a day late, but a few real life things got in the way!

This isn’t even going to be a long post, just the promised teaser. It’s getting harder to find good scenes that don’t give away too much of the story!

I had the next period free and found a quiet corner of the courtyard to read the book we’d just started in class. It was freezing cold, but there was no way I was venturing into the Sixth Form common room. As far as I was concerned it was one of the circles of hell.

“So, Cara, getting in with the new boy I see,” a familiar voice drawled from above me.

“Go away, Anderson.” I didn’t look up from the page of my book, even though I wasn’t seeing the words anymore.

The bench creaked beside me. “Well, that’s not very friendly, is it?”

I looked up when he sat down next to me. James Anderson. Brown haired, green eyed, and Captain of the school rugby team. My ex-boyfriend and bane of my existence, and the person who still made my heart clench painfully every time I saw him.

“What do you want?”

He smiled. To anyone else it might have looked like a friendly grin, but I knew the viciousness lurking behind it.

“Can’t I just be friendly?”

“You’re never friendly. Least, not to me.”

Looking away from me, out across the courtyard, he shrugged. “Maybe I’ve changed my mind about you.”

I snorted. “Bullshit.”

“Yeah, you’re right. You know me too well.” He paused, a smirk playing on his lips. “Bet you were excited about the new guy. Did you think maybe you’d finally found a friend? Someone who didn’t know what a crazy, psycho bitch you are?” He spoke so calmly, making it sound like a statement of fact rather than an insult.

My body tensed. So that’s why he was here. To let me know they’d already told Lance all about me. To let me know that making my life miserable was still top priority.

“I don’t care.” I said the words, but I didn’t mean them. I did care. I cared a lot, too much probably. It was hard to believe I’d been in love with Anderson once. It was a misplaced love, and trust, that had turned me into a social outcast and the betrayal still hurt like hell.

“Oh, come on, Cara. Samantha and Rebecca were just doing their civic duty. Got to warn the poor guy about you after all.”

“They didn’t have to,” I muttered.

“No, but they wanted to.” Anderson smiled down at me, his green eyes cold.

As I looked up into his eyes I wondered again what had possessed me to trust him. But I had. I’d told him everything. About my mum, and my dreams.

It might’ve been alright if I’d kept it vague. He might’ve thought I just had a wild imagination, that maybe I was an attention seeker. But I hadn’t, I’d told him about the latest dream, the dream about his sister and the car crash. He’d told me I was sick and refused to answer my calls or texts.

It might have ended there, but four days later his thirteen year old sister had been killed in a horrific car accident, and every time I thought about it I felt sick to my stomach.

When Anderson had returned to school after his sister’s funeral he’d told the whole school about my crazy mother, and that I was crazy too. Of course, in his version I’d made up the dreams after the accident. I still didn’t know if he really believed it, if somehow he’d twisted it in his own memory because it made more sense, or if that little flash of emotion I saw in his eyes sometimes was fear. Fear because he alone knew even if I was crazy, I wasn’t lying. I really had seen the future, and he blamed me for it.

He was still looking down at me. I blinked first and looked away, and he chuckled. Leaning back on the bench he stretched his legs out in front of him, crossing them at the ankle, the picture of ease.

“Do you think you’ll start hearing voices soon, like your mother? ‘Cause I really want to be around when they cart you off to the mental institute.”

I stood abruptly. “Go to hell, Anderson.”

“Only to watch you rotting there,” he called after me as I stormed away.


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