Thursday, 8 November 2012

So I've moved to a new place. And quite frankly, despite the size, it's easily the most beautiful place I've lived (and I've only been here a day). It's brand, spanking new for a start, I'm the first person to live here, which is always nice.

The real selling point though, the thing that has me practically drooling, is the view. I can sit on my porch and look at the ocean. That's right, the beautiful Caribbean sea is right there, practically on my doorstep. And I mean that literally - it's probably about thirty feet away (though I've never been good at judging distances). I can hear the water lapping against the sand, the wind rustling through the palm trees, quite simply, it's heaven.

I have discovered though, that this little piece of heaven, has a flaw. I have no internet access inside the building. The only place I can connect is the corner of my porch. And I, I freely admit, am an internet junkie.

I have to get my fix somehow. Facebook, Twitter, just random googling or watching videos on YouTube. It's how I spend most of my free time (as shameful as that is to admit).

And so for a while this internet blackspot that I'm in terrified me. How am I going to cope without internet there at my fingertips? How will I cope not being able to lie in bed randomly reading through blogs and Facebook statuses.

Then it hit me. This can only be a good thing.Surely. I used to be the girl who could read a book a day, easily. But with my laptop, and iPad it suddenly became easier to be online than to read. I used to be the girl who spend as much of her free time as possible writing. Then it became easier to sit and read blogs about writing.

So perhaps this will be the nudge I need. Going cold turkey might be hard, but maybe I can kick this internet addiction. Maybe with the help of my little internet blackspot, I can finally, finally get on with writing the next book in my trilogy. Maybe I can finally get stuck into the pile of recommended books I've been saying that I'll read for months.

I think this little piece of heaven might be even more heavenly than I expected.

Those books are waiting for me....after I just check Facebook...and maybe Twitter...

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